Why Choose Us?

We are experts in setting up working teams tailored to the needs of our clients, integrating them within their management and production processes, and generating value-added.

Our sectoral knowledge allows us to provide our clients with the very finest human teams, minimising the impact of their implementation on our clients' processes, while avoiding the transfer of any risk to them.

Our selection, training and people management processes are fully focused on our clients. We analyse their needs, establish a technical and economic proposal, and administer contracts within a highly professional environment.

Certificate ISO 9001 Vase Servicios Multiples

Vase Multiple Services


Vase is a Spanish company with 15 years’s experience in the delivery of process and service outsourcing solutions.


We work for industrial operators, logistical centres, distribution centres, public and private institutions and organisations.


Extensive Service Portfolio

Vase offers an extensive portfolio of services connected with technical assistance and process management in the following fields:

We provide a balanced scorecard aligned with the client's needs, within a context of first-class technical qualifications. To this end we administer our staff training and provide personnel with the tools required in order to perform their tasks with the utmost efficiency.

Approachability, personal service and cost management all have a direct impact on offering clients the best possible service.